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A broad palette of values, beliefs, and priorities shape our way of life in southwest Washington. Residents—from vibrant small towns and rural areas, to bustling city centers—added their voice to this comprehensive, regional survey. The result: a strong sense of what our region stands for.

Why our voices matter

Read the results!Read the results!

In order to get where we want to go, it’s important to know where we stand. Discover where your community is today and then we can start talking about tomorrow.

Read the results!Read the results!

About the 500k Voices


A partnership of community organizations initiated this survey in 2014 across Clark, Cowlitz, and Skamania counties to capture the views of local residents on more than a dozen topics that influence our way of life. In total, DHM Research surveyed more than 2,000 residents by phone and online in this first stage of an ongoing campaign to gather input from people across the region.

What’s next? Adding even more voices to the dialogue, so all corners of our region can be heard. Local residents, organizations, civic leaders, and policy makers will have the opportunity to join a series of community-wide conversations in 2015 about our standing as a region—and how we’d like to move forward. To join the conversation, please sign up for our updates below.

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