Below, we’ve compiled the top findings from the 2014 survey of southwest Washington residents’ values and beliefs. However, the survey covered much more ground that is captured in our complete results at the bottom of this page. Click here to jump ahead and download full results.


Our welcoming community

Southwest Washingtonians value friendliness and neighborliness above all

From a holistic view of community issues, to strong support for education and enhanced job training through economic development, the 500,000 Voices survey revealed diverse views across southwest Washington. The region’s friendliness and neighborliness emerged as the top value. Protecting the environment, conserving the area’s natural resources, and encouraging healthier lifestyles also stand out as high priorities for residents. Overall, the people of our region share a sense of optimism regarding what’s on the horizon.

What do you value most about living in your community?

29% Friendliness/neighborliness

14% Safety/public safety
12% Beauty/scenery
12% Small community
8% Quiet/peaceful
5% Proximity to bigger cities (Seattle, Portland, etc.)
5% Weather/climate
4% Education system
4% Rural area
4% Environment—general
3% Proximity to restaurants/bars/shopping/entertainment
3% Outdoors/outdoor activities

These figures do not include respondents who answered “None/Nothing” and “Don’t know”; therefore, total percentages do not add up to 100%.